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When I love you!!!

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When I love you!!!
Nathally Amisse

When I love you ...
I feel like a queen, a lady of the past or even the only woman in the face of the earth ...
When I love you ...
All my actions throw me in your arms, making me your lips soft start of a multitude of hot kisses, within the love that you do with ...
When I love you ...
It may be noon or midnight, hell or paradise, it matters little what may seem, because we are together, glued and loving ...
When I love you ...
I do not know if I am a beggar or a messiah, just know that our dreams are similar!
When I love you ...
I have flowers on the tips of your fingers and hand cheinho a sky of stars!
When I love you ...
I got fever in my blood and fury in this innocent pleasure that I take the heights ...
All because "I love you"!   
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